@ Bali: IMERS & IATAL - Emissions and Adaptation Financing

We held an official side event at the UNFCCC COP 13


IMERS presence at COP 13

meeting in Bali on:

Bunker Fuel Emissions and Adaptation Funding

The invitation has been accepted by around 70 people, including a significant number of government representatives.
The presentation from the event is available for download (0.9 MB).

Speeding up political process

    Two main proposals were discussed in details:
  • IATAL (0.7 MB), an International Air Travel Adaptation Levy
  • IMERS (0.1 MB), see the special 2-page IMERS synopsis prepared for Bali
    The goal was twofold:
  • Increasing momentum and furthering our scheme for international maritime emissions
  • Simultaneously reducing the gap in financing for adaptation
Our proposals have already received significant multilateral support and can be operational BEFORE 2012.
The event has been organised in cooperation with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.