@ Bangkok & Singapore

GLCA - Recommenndations 2009The latest version of IMERS was well received by many delegations at the UNFCCC climate change negotiations (28 Sept - 09 Oct, 2009). Three weeks later it was disclosed publicly in Singapore (0.4 MB).
Our proposal has also been included in recommendations for negotiators distributed in Bangkok. The recommendations came from a task force comprising former heads of state, leaders from government, business and civil society in a report Toward a Post-2012 Agreement on Climate Change: Recommendations (1 MB).

The recommendations are from the Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA), a partnership of the Club of Madrid and the United Nations Foundation (UNF). The report consolidates the key GLCA recommendations for all areas of the Bali Action Plan. It includes financing recommendations from the comprehensive adaptation report, distributed to negotiators in June 2009.

Progress in Bangkok

The recent top-down simplification of IMERS, that made the proposal even more attractive, has been discussed "behind closed doors". The proposal has gained more traction with several key delegations.

Public disclosure in Singapore

The details of the new version were disclosed at the Carbon Forum Asia, Singapore, 26 - 27 October.
In a nutshell:

  • a market-based levy would apply to all ships engaged in international transport,
  • each developing country would be entitled to a refund, in proportion to its share of worldwide imports,
  • a country could forego the refund,
  • 100% of revenue raised, estimated at $10bn+ annually, would go to climate change action.

A short presentation of the refund proposal is available (0.4 MB), as well as a 1-page summary entitled Two for one: Cutting Shipping Emissions and Financing Climate Action .