Time for USA (June 2009 update)

Time for USA - Support grows for engineer's solution to ship emissionsThe results of our recent 3-week-long consultations in the USA are very promising. They were debated at a special side event at the Bonn Climate Change Talks on June 1, described under @ Bonn 2009.
Support for the differentiated scheme is growing (news: 10 June). The scheme will also address issues of carbon accounting for shipping. These have been highlighted in the just published report by the Environment Audit Committee in the UK, and in our testimony to the inquiry.

The USA consultations followed the plans shortly outlined in Shipping emissions levy proposed (March 2009).

An easy introduction why addressing shipping emissions is complex was published earlier as Cash on Delivery, by Ben Hargreaves (a lead story in Nov 2008 issue of in the Professional Engineering Magazine.

Carbon payments should be made by ship owners when unloading cargo in developed countries. [...]

IMERS description NOTE: To reflect the results of recent consultations some design aspects of IMERS have been adjusted accordingly. Some of the descriptions on the website do not reflect these adjustments yet.