IMERS is an initiative and proposal to establish an ...

International Maritime Emission Reduction Scheme

under the governance of IMO (International Maritime Organisation) with an ambitious goal to halve shipping emissions over long-term.

IMERS: Halving Emissions & Paying for Improvements

It is based on a vision of Dr Andre Stochniol to create a lowest cost scheme to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international mariritme transport by a market mechanism combining:
Near-term emission mitigation, including purchasing of emission credits
Technology fund focused on bringing forward technology breakthroughs, such as hydrogen travel
Funding for adaptation to climate change in developing countries.
The scheme is based on introducing a low harmonized charge depending on the GHG emissions above a predetermined emission goal or cap (according to the polluter pays principle). The monies raised will be used to achieve the near- and longer-term mitgation and adaptation goals.
IMERS logo The differentiated approach to climate change for developing countries is achieved at the point of distribution of funds by providing very significant contributory funding to climate change adaptation in these countries (about $2bn - $4bn annually, depending on the emission goal).